Ventura 500ES setup instructions

 Cold smoke generator set up instructions

Step 1

Drill a 45 mm to 50mm hole .
in the wall of the smoke box though
which the smoke pipe is going to protrude

Step 2

Mount the base plate so that
when the smoke gen is placed on it
the smoke pipe is central to the 50mm hole.
It important that there is no part of the
smoke gen unit in contact with anything other
than the base plate it stands on.

Step 3

Mount the smoke generator into the
base plate.Use the locating hook to
secure the smoke gen

Step 4

Connect the two tubes with the tee to the
outputs of the air pump

Step 5

On the back of the air pump is a
selector switch that needs to be
set at the HI position.

At this point pulg in the power lead
of the air pump and turn it on.
Check that there is air flow out the
end of the air pipe.

Step 6

Push the other end of the air tube into the
small steel pipe of the smoke gen.
As the air pressure is very low it is not necessary
to push the plastic pipe in too far. 5mm to 10mm
is ok.

Step 7

Fill the hopper with woodchips.
Note that the plastic tube is in place
before the woodchips are introduced?

Often woodchip spillage occurs
and if the tube is not in place the chance
of getting a few chips into the steel pipe
is pretty good. The smoke gen will
simply not work if there is an obstruction
to the air flow.

Step 8

The ignition point is at the small      
hole that exposes the woodchips
There is a hole on either side
of the unit and ignition can take
place at either one or both sides.

Use a bbq lighter to ignite the
smoke generator.