VENTURA 500ES cold smoker generator

VENTURA 500ES cold smoker smoke generator

NZD $150.00

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Price valid until 15 December 2014

An economical easy way to make smoke for your smoker.
The VENTURA 500ES COLD SMOKE GENERATOR has more to offer than ever before.

* A wider range of smoke output. 
* More smoke time and less cleaning.
* More than 24 hours of trouble free continuous smoking time.

Once the woodchips or wood pellets have ignited (ignition point is the small hole in the side of the unit) the air pump gently blows air and draws in fresh air through the softly glowing woodchips releasing a low temp smoke stream into the smoker.
This unit is quick and simple to install, easy to light, easy to clean.
Its stainless steel construction negates the ever possible health risks associated with heating aluminium and galvanized steel or burning paint.
When the unit is placed on the base mounted to the smoker, it securely locates there and will not easily be inadvertently dislodged. For removal it needs to be withdrawn from the smoker and then lifted off the base.
The VENTURA 500ES is the perfect Cold Smoke Generator for the beginner and for the more mature "Meister of the art". It offers the freedom and opportunity of beginning an interesting non time consuming hobby of Charcuterie.
Ideal as a gift and could last a lifetime due to its durable stainless steel construction.
A highly economical device with a woodchip hopper capacity of only about 500cc.


VENTURA SUPER 4. cold smoker smoke generator

NZD $300.00

Enquire as to shipping cost.
Price valid until 15 December 2014


Cold Smoke Generator unit that will suit larger smokers and smokehouses.
This unit has a 4lt hopper capacity; produces enough smoke for a 100 cubic meter space and will run for more 16 hours before it runs out of wood. Should a longer smoke time be required the hopper can be topped up in the run for up to 50 hours before the ash needs to be removed.
Wood chunks, chips, pellets, saw dust and wood shavings of various sizes as well as a mix of all of these can be used in the Ventura Super 4.

Once the wood has ignited the adjustable air pump as well as the variable air flow control vent can be set to regulate the amount of smoke required. This also has a profound effect on how long it takes to burn the wood.
By size the Ventura Super 4 is highly economical on woodchips as well as electricity, easy to use and so easy to maintain.
Will suit a smokehouse up to dimensions of 3m x 3m x 3m

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